Our approach

From now to next!


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Development and evaluation of strategies

In a volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous (VUCA) environment, we help you successfully position your business and effectively transform it.

Adopting a new strategy requires an excellent understanding of your market, the development of a common vision for you and your collaborators and the determination of priorities and objectives.

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Strategic portfolio analysis and development

Together, we link your development projects to your strategy and make them operational by designing a strategic portfolio focused on short, medium and long term results.


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Systematic development of offerings in 4 key steps

We accompany you in a methodical way during each phase of the innovation process, from the exploration to the commercialization of your product. Together with your team, we will design your next success story!
INNOArchitects Development Process


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Personal development

More than 800 innovators, strategists, product managers and team leaders have participated in our trainings.

In partnership with the University of Fribourg, we jointly offer a CAS Course (Certificate of Advanced Studies) as part of our trainings.

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Boosting teams

In order to anchor an innovative mindset within our clients' teams, we adapt and customize our trainings to your organization as well as to your needs in order to develop your teams – and therefore your corporate culture!

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Transforming and adapting organizations

We enable entire organizations for the future. To do this, we rely on modern role models - like the one we live in at INNOArchitects.