We accelerate your transformation

From now to next!

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No matter where your company stands today: Together we shape your future - modularly and holistically! We orient, make and enable at the suitable location.


Jonas von Arx

Lead INNOSpace

Marvin Cahenzli-Sinn

Innovation Co-Creator

Sébastien Niclasse

Innovation Producer & UX Designer
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Additional network of experts

Our network of over 80 experienced professionals supports your project on demand. (User Experience Design, Web Development, Coding, Business Development, Advisory, etc.)

How we achieve sustainable impact with our customers

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Iterative and fast

Learn, build, measure, repeat! We push the envelope - with the goal of learning as much as possible as quickly as possible to develop the right solution for your market.
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Your employees contribute their expertise to the process in full and are involved from A to Z.
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Focus on your clients

Together we focus on the needs of your clientele. We don't just achieve results, but impact.